Gabriel D’Elia, a self taught artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Born in Georgetown, D.C. with Argentine and Italian roots. The artwork is a mix of Pop, Abstract, and Graffiti with his own creation of cartoon like figures that resemble the 60’s and 70’s. The artwork consists of different mediums and done on various objects other than canvas. The artwork is created with oil pastel, acrylic, graffiti markers, inks and sometimes a combination of all of them within the same art piece.

Done on canvas, murals, clothing, wall clocks and other functional objects. As well as being able to translate the artwork to digital form.

“I do my best in creating what can be considered universal art that everyone can be receptive to. That’s why I do a lot of wall clocks because time is a language we all speak. It’s something everyone in the world relates to no matter what gender, background, or race”. He refers to his creative process as subconscious or creating intuitively. “When I live paint people always ask me what happens if you make a mistake or if I’m worried about messing up? As an artist I’ve learned to let go of perfection and no longer view mistakes as failures but as learning experiences. Giving me the opportunity to change that awkward mark in to something unique that can please without interest. “After a few years working in restaurants and in the construction field, I realized I needed to pursue my passion as an artist. “I didn’t want to look back 10 years later and question what if I would’ve taken that risk on myself. So I quit my job in construction and became a part time dog walker to create more time in building my art career. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Brings me joy to be able to say I am a full time artist”.

- Design for Sandlot Georgetown D.C. and Georgetown
“Hoyas” Basketball. Vinyl print for outdoor lounge bar

- Sandlot Southeast Design vinyl print for Nationals
Stadium Washington DC. Outdoor Bar.
- Sticky’s Finger Joint Mural Penn station Plaza New York,
New York
- 5 cell phone case designs licensed to company
- New Jersey Sticky’s Finger Joint Mural
- West Elm Art ShowCase NY
- “Flex” tech company (3) Murals and Elevators.
Broadway, NY Headquarters.
- P.S. 40 art program “Art Auction Show” to raise money
for kids to have more art programs.

- Sticky’s Times Square mural
- Sandlot South West (DC United Stadium)
- Van Der Plas Gallery Group show
- Spleef Group Show Manhattan
- Flex Management (New York Broadway office murals)
- Sticky’s Headquarters Mural (Manhattan,NY 30ft.x10ft.)
- Art Auction for non-profit Cookies for Kids
- Boundaries group show Brooklyn, NY
- New Jersey Mural (Bergen town center)
- Park Ave, NYC Sticky’s Mural
- Mural for The Cookie Connect (New Jersey)

- Washington convention center annual auto show
(live painting on car)
- Representing Blindwhino gallery
- Hand painted Louis Vuitton bag for Jermaine
Dupree. Commissioned by So So Def and Dutch
Masters for 25th anniversary of So So Def
- Hand painted whiskey barrel for whiskey label
Uncle Nearest
- Book Cover for published italian author
Jacopo Stante “Verso la scelta di amore”
- Showcase Studio 301 NYC Gallery
- Won Foot Locker “Before and After the Bite”
- Soho Gallery Foot Locker “Before and After the
Bite” group show
- Bishop Gallery live painting
- Hand painted wine barrel for City Winery
- Bash (Arlington, VA) Mural
- Spin (group show) Manhattan location
- Hand painted design for Celine, Bella bag, and
- Hand painted Airforce 1’s for 2 Chainz DJ (Sudd) for
Dutch Masters
- West Elm (show case)
- Vest design for clothing brand Dreams of
- Mural residential Rockville, MD

- Gaudi Gallery Barcelona, Spain Gallery
- Future of Sports, Made In The District (4 punching
bags art installation) Washington D.C.
- Flash ( 2 solo show case) Washington DC
- Velvet lounge (group show case) Washington DC
- Book cover for published italian author Jacopo
- Album cover for music producer/songwriter Blvck
- Courthouse ( 5 group shows ) Arlington, VA

Art Features
- A Hundred Eleven NYC magazine
- Creative Magazine
- Washingtonian mag
- Fox
- MITD (article)
- Foot Locker
- Hypebeast
- Hypebeast art
- Good Hope Film and Video Production
- Marvy Uchida
- Craft Syndicate
- Clarin (Argentine newspaper)